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To apply to become a Community Walk Leader, please fill in the application form below. Before filling in the application form, please read Who Can Become A Community Walk Leader to check you are eligible to apply.

As a Community Walk Leader you commit to meeting the minimum expectations of being a Community Walk Leader. Failure to meet this commitment over a 2 year period and/or communicate this to Walking In Your Community will cause your status of Community Walk Leader to be revoked and you will no longer be covered by the insurance provided under Walking In Your Community.

Please note, if you are unable to attend the Community Walk Leader training day, it is your responsibility to inform the Walking In Your Community team one week prior to the event as a no-show fee of £45 will be charged.

Community walk leader privicy notice 

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Eligibility for the Scheme

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Are you a commercial outdoor activity provider or business?
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Eligibility for the Free-of-Charge CWL Training

Are you a volunteer / staff member in a community group / organisation?
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Do you commit to meeting the minimum expectations of a Community Walk Leader in exchange for free training and ongoing support?


Applicants who are a volunteer or staff member with a Community group or organisation must be nominated by the chairperson or senior staff member of the organisation.
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If you are not a volunteer or staff member with a Community group or organisation, please leave this section blank.


If you are invited to participate in the Walking in Your Community training, what course, listed on the training calendar would be most suitable?


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