Community Walk Leader


For all those who attend the Community Walk Leader Training free of charge, it is required in the application form that they commit to meeting the minimum expectations of being a Community Walk Leader:

Set up a Walking In Your Community (WIYC) walking group and register the group on

Have an active walking programme each year:

  •     Register at least 10 people 
  •     Run at least 5 walks per annum   
  •     Minimum of 8 participants per walk (Depending on the ability of the group)
  •     Return monitoring information to WIYC every 3 months

Keep a copy of all signed Walker’s Registration Forms and a copy of all Walk Log forms.

Operate within the scope of the scheme outlined in the CWL training.

Follow the ‘Walking in Your Community’ code of practice outlined in the training.

As a Community Walk Leader you are permitted to actively lead walks within 2 years from your date of training. Failure to do so will cause your status of Community Walk Leader to be revoked and you will no longer be covered under the insurance by Walking In Your Community.