Community Walk Leader

Community Walk Tutor

A Community Walk Tutor trains Community Walk Leaders through the delivery of the one day Community Walk Leader training course and the Further Navigation training module.


There is a minimum requirement to hold either the Mountain Leader (ML) certificate or Walking Group Leader (WGL) certificate as well as a current First Aid certificate. 


There are many benefits of becoming a Community Walk Tutor:

  • Opportunity to generate income
  • Work with local people and inspire them to use the outdoors
  • Work within areas close to you
  • Ability to work with groups that you already know
  • Ability to make contacts with local groups who may wish to use their services again
  • Outdoor Recreation NI will supply all the relevant training materials to support the tutor to deliver the course including:
  • Tutor training manual

  • Tutor power point presentation 

  • Copies of all blank forms for participants

  • Manuals for participants and support documents


All Community Walk Tutors will be required to attend a one day tutor training course. This will be free of charge. 

For further details on the tutor requirements and benefits, please request an information pack and application form by emailing