Community Walk Leader

What is a Community Walk Leader?

Community Walk Leaders (CWLs) are the life blood of “Walking in Your Community”.  Community Walk Leaders are trained to set up local walking groups and lead a programme of walks in their local area.

By becoming a CWL, you can offer an additional service and benefit to your local community.  Participants in the scheme will benefit from a free organised activity that will give them health benefits.

A Community Walk Leader must attend a one day training course and can avail of further support and training.  A Community Walk Leader must adhere to the restrictions as outlined in the scope of the Walking In Your Community Scheme.  


Role of a CWL

A Community Walk Leader

  • Sets up a walking group within an existing association or group or establishes a new group from scratch
  • Plans suitable walks for the group
  • Encourages people to take part in the walks
  • Leads the walk with the help of an assistant
  • Develops the group over time, so that there are more people or more regular walks


How much does it cost?

The training course may be free for community groups and associations, subject to a successful application process.

All Community Walk Leaders in the Walking In Your Community scheme strive to ensure they are prepared for any eventuality on their walks. It is reccomended that Community Walk Leaders (CWL) complete a basic first aid certificate.  This is really important for the safety of the walkers in the group as well as the confidence of the CWL.  Walking In Your Community work in collaboration with the leading First Aid providers and will signpost Community Walk leaders to appropiate courses.