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Windmill Wood

A network of paths provides easy access through the wood. A great local community resource for a short peaceful walk.




1 miles

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Nearest Town


Route Shape


Route Type

Parkland & Grassland, Woodland


Tarmac paths, steep in places

Grid Reference (Start)

H804 621

Grid Reference (End)

H804 621

Point of Interest

Duck pond, reconstructed windmill tower

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Other Area

Route Description

Starting from the car park at the Killyman Road, enter Windmill Wood via the green gate and bear right to pass a small duck pond. The Royal School Dungannon is also on your right. 

Continue to follow the path and turn right at the path junction. The path leads you through delightful woodland, with some magnificent mature trees on show. 

The path emerges onto an area of open green space, continue on the path to your left to re-enter the wood. The path weaves its way through the wood bringing you to a reconstructed windmill tower in the centre of the wood. Continue to follow the path leading from the north side of the windmill, to find your way back to the car park at the Killyman Road.

Getting to the Start (by Public Transport)

Translink - journeyplanner.translink.co.uk

Getting to the Start (by Car)

The car park is located on the right hand side of the Killyman Road, 500m from the junction of the Killyman Road and the A29 (Northland Row).


Dogs are allowed. Dogs to be kept under control

Accessibility Grade

Grade 3

Wide tarmac paths, steep at the entrance from Killyman Road, flat throughout the rest of the route. No seating available on site.


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