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Glassdrummond Wood

A short community trail through Glassdrummond Wood in the grounds of St Brigid's Church.




1 miles

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Sheet 28

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Stoney pathway

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Point of Interest

Woodland and stream

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Ring of Gullion

Route Description

A great facility for the local community, parking is available on the Glassdrumman Rd adjacent to the church.  The entrance to the walk is along the footpath to the left of the church where you will see a metal gate on your right.

Enter through the gate and follow the stone path through the forest.  There is a short but steep descend down into the forest after which the trail undulates through the forest.  You will pass an area of protruding rock on your right before continuing on past a small stream on your left.  After about 80 metres look out to your left, and you will see views of the rolling green hills beyond the stone wall. 

Continue to follow the path around the back of the church and to another metal gate.  Once here turn right, and walk across the tarmac church carpark and back to the start of the walk. 


Getting to the Start (by Public Transport)

Translink - journeyplanner.translink.co.uk

Getting to the Start (by Car)

From Crossmaglen, take the Newry Rd to Creggan and turn right onto the Glassdrumman Rd for approximately 2 miles until you see the church on your left with off road parking just before.


Dogs are not allowed.

Accessibility Grade

Grade 4


Nearest toilets are in Crossmaglen approx 3 miles away

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