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Knockmany Forest Ardunshin Lough Trail

Knockmany Forest is a collection of woodlands that lies within 4 miles of Augher. The woodlands are conifer and broadleaved stands.




0.8 miles

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Gravel path with steep sections

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H 53945

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H 53945

Point of Interest

In Irish mythology, this was the home place of both the giant Finn McCool and his wife Oonagh

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Route Description

As you leave the carpark you pass the 1994 Peace Garden set aside in memory of L.T. Col. and Mrs F.C. Tracey who lived in Augher. Then take a right onto the footpath past the giant Douglas fir trees planted in the 1920's. As you pass these you'll see Audushin Lough on your left. Records show that carp were once reared here by servants of Cecil Manor as a staple food source. As you return to the forest road through the capanese larch trees you will notice several small streams, reputed to carry gold, pour from Knockmany hill to spill into Audushin lough. The walk around this area is largely flat and most pleasant, and will allow the visitor to see some of the oldest coniferous trees in Northern Ireland. From here the trail takes you on a homeward journey along the forest road and back to the car park. 

Getting to the Start (by Public Transport)

There is public transport available to Augher, check https://www.translink.co.uk/timetables for current timetable.

Getting to the Start (by Car)

Access to the forest car park is via the B83 Knockmany Road, about four miles from Augher.


Dogs are allowed. Must be kept on a lead


Parking, toilets & picnic tables on site.

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