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Belfast Lagan - Ulster Scots Walk

This 3.5 mile walk follows the path of the river lagan and explores how Ulster Scots industrialists transformed a town into a large, prosperous city. It takes in Shaws Bridge, the Lagan towpath, and Clement Wilson Park. It's mostly flat and along public footpaths, but there are steps over a bridge.




3.5 miles

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Public footpath, some steps over

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Shaws Bridge

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Start at the public car park beside Shaw's Bridge and walk to the right of the boat house, joining the riverside path. Follow the towpath for 1.5km, keeping an eye out for all the wildlife. When you get to the wooden brigde, cross over to the other side and turn left, back towards the city.The walk passes through Minnowburn tracking the river, cross the stone bridge towards the car park and turn immediately left for the path back towards the city. Under the road the walk continues as the walk was part of the old lagan canal system - continue to the lock keepers cottage. The path on the lock keepers side of the canal will eventually bring you to the suspension bridge over the water - cross that and continue into Clement Wilson Park. This path was built over an old mill race which brought water to wilsons factory, another reminder of Belfasts industrial past. This will take you back to the car park.

Getting to the Start (by Public Transport)


Getting to the Start (by Car)

Start at the public car park beside Shaw's Bridge.


Dogs are allowed.


Car park

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