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Islandmagee - Ulster Scots Walk

Idyllic Islandmagee hosts this walk of just over 2miles. One of the hidden gems on this pennisnsula is the harbour of Portmuck and it's the focus of this dander. There is a variety of uneven terrain and some steps. Along the way there is rich Ulster Scots heritage to be noted.




2.25 miles

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Grassy cliff edge paths

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Muck Island Wildlife sanctuary.

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Walk to the right of the harbour as you look out to sea and start the trip by climbing the steps up to the headland. Keep following the steps on down the shore and then it veers round to the right. Follow the steps to your left, climbing down closer to shore level and then walk carefully over the rocks and uneven grass with the cliffs on your right. Continue walking along the boulder strewn rough trail, taking your steps carefully. Just above the shore, there is a thin grass path after the Ulster Wildlife signpost - follow that up the hill and turn left to continue the walk along the top with spectacular views towards scotland. The path continues between two wildflower filled hedgerows along the field border. Walk to the end and then turn to retrace your steps. On your way back down again, keep to the path on the top of the hill instead of going back to shore the way you came. There is another left turn at the top that will take you back towards the road. The swing fence marks the end of the grass path, be careful as you join the main road at this point, tuning right to walk back to the harbour. 

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Getting to the Start (by Car)

Start at the harbour and climb the steps.


Dogs are allowed.


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