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Inver River Walkway

This path runs parallel with the Inver River for a distance of 1km. The busy dual carriageway is several metres above and although the traffic can be heard, only the tallest vehicles are visible. The river is a few metres below the level of the path and there is one access point to it at a fishing platform about half way along. The banks on both sides have a variety of trees, shrubs and bushes that are home for many species of birds and insects. The river is stocked with brown trout. There is a weir at the end of the path.




1 miles

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Gentle incline.

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There are steps to a fishing platform about half way along

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Route Description

From the start, the route of the path is very simple and straightforward by just following the line of the tarmac. There are no left or right turns. The two paths that lead up and out just lead onto the A8 which is off the path. The end of the path has a weir and a path that leads up to the A8 again. The return walk is back the same way but affording different views.

Getting to the Start (by Public Transport)

Translink - journeyplanner.translink.co.uk

Getting to the Start (by Car)

The start is on Bridge Street which lies underneath the A8 highway roadbridge beside the single multi-storey block of flats. Coming towards the town of Larne on the A8 within the 40mph zone, keep on the lane marked for the Harbour and take the next turnoff on the left. At the roundabout take the second left turnoff. This road has car parks on both sides and a shopping centre on the right. Anywhere here is suitable for parking. The Tourist Information Centre is clearly marked. From there go towards the brightly painted pillars of the highway bridge and cross the road (Bridge Street). The Inver river is on your left. Follow the course of the river and the path runs between it and the busy road above.


Dogs are allowed. Please keep you dog under control at all times. Use bins for waste.


Close to the town centre there are public toilets beside the Tourist Information Centre that cater for disabled and baby changing needs. The town of Larne has many cafes and shops. Disabled parking is available beside the Tourist Information Centre.



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