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Glenarm Coast Walk

This is a 500m linear walk between two car parks, with no turnoffs or obstacles on the way.




0.3 (One Way) miles

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Sheet 9

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Route Shape


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Flat and stoney

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Point of Interest

Limestone cliffs, views across the Irish Sea, Glenarm Castle

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Antrim Coast & Glens

Route Description

The path is 1 mile south of Glenarm and 11 miles north of Larne town on the farthest eastern side of Co Antrim. It joins two small car parks each with information points, seats, picnic tables and waste bins.  The walkway, surfaced with fine white limestone chippings is 500 m long and is never steep or difficult.  It runs parallel to the road and is sometimes hidden from the view of the road by a high grassy bank.  At places there are seats along the way and there is a footworn track that leads down to the pebbly shore where the water is never far away even in low tide.

Getting to the Start (by Public Transport)

Translink - journeyplanner.translink.co.uk

Getting to the Start (by Car)

This walk is beside the Antrim Coast Road (A2) 1 mile south of Glenarm village and 10 miles north of Larne town.


Dogs are allowed. Please keep your dog under control and use bins for waste.

Accessibility Grade

Grade 4


Glenarm village, 1 mile to the north, has some shops, pubs and a cafe.


Larne Country Walks - Walk No 5.

Publication Availability

Available to download - see link below or telephone Larne Tourist Information Centre (028) 2827 0088.

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