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Musgrave Park

A short route through an urban park with beautiful floral displays. Highway to Health walk.




1.3 miles

OS Map

Sheet 15 + Belfast Street Finder

Nearest Town

Stockmans Lane, Belfast

Route Shape


Route Type

Parkland & Grassland, Urban


Fairly flat tarmaced paths

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Point of Interest

Flower beds, greenfinches and other small birds

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Other Area

Route Description

This route begins at the park entrance from Musgrave Park Hospital, but you can start the walk at any point.

From the Highway to Health map board continue along the path into the park. Follow the main path to your left along the side of the bowling greens.

This path will lead you to a round flower bed with a standing stone feature in the centre; take the path on your left. Soon you will pass the one kilometre marker post.

Continue round the lower part of the park – the path sweeps round to another entrance gate at Stockman’s lane. Go straight on at this junction and follow a smaller meandering path through the trees and spring bulb displays.

A left turn, just past the back of the bowling pavilion, will lead you back onto the main path leading to the hospital grounds.

However, taking another left turn at the black gates to the front of the bowling green makes for an interesting diversion to Grovelands. Once you have explored Grovelands, retrace your steps.

Getting to the Start

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A Walk in the Park

Publication Availability

Belfast City Council, Parks Department, 02890320202 Ext. 3199

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