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Randalstown Forest

Randalstown Forest is a mixed conifer forest that contains an owl conservation centre, Deer Park, and several walking routes, with two small adjacent Nature Reserves at the forest edge on the shores of Lough Neagh.




2.5 miles

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The rich birdlife of the Lough

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While there is the option of following several trails within the forest, this one follows the route indicated by the red arrows. From the parking area, follow the path into the forest, past the World of Owls Centre and through the turnstile. Immediately after passing thorugh the turnstile, turn right and follow the path around the western side of the forest. Continue following this path for approx. 1,500m until you reach a 'cross-roads' of tracks. The red arrow indicates that you turn left but, for a small diversion, turn right at this point and follow the track through another turnstile to the Randalstown Forest and Farr's Bay Nature Reserves. Then, return to the 'cross-roads' of tracks and continue following the red route. The track soon leads you back to the starting point where you turn right, pass through the turnstile and walk back to the car park.

These walks are situated in a working forest environment and may be subject to diversion and closure from time to time.

Up to date information is available on the Forest Service web site - link below.

Getting to the Start (by Public Transport)

Translink - journeyplanner.translink.co.uk

Getting to the Start (by Car)

Follow New Street in Randalstown onto the Moneynick Road. Then turn left onto the Staffordstown Road, following the signs for Toome, before turning left again following the signs for Randalstown Forest.


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Antrim Borough: A Walking Guide

Publication Availability

The leaflet is free of charge and available from Antrim Information Centre, the Clotworthy Arts Centre or by contacting the Countryside Recreation Officer at Antrim Borough Council on 028 9446 3113. Visit www.forestserviceni.gov.uk

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