Set Up a Group

Top Tips

Starting your own Walking Group can be daunting but check out these Top Tips to make your Walking Group a success!

  • Start Small
    When starting your Walking Group start small! It is best to keep things simple until you find your feet and gain more confidence as a Community Walk Leader. A great idea is to start up a Walking Group with a few friends or family members. Encourage these people to bring their friends and your group will begin to grow. Once you feel confident, you should then start your promotion of the group. Have a look at How to promote your WIYC group for some great ideas!

  • Be Prepared
    Preparation is always key! Before you carry out a walk, always carry a risk overview on your routes. This will allow you to give a short introduction to the route and it will ensure that everyone knows of any potential hazards along the way. It is also important that you familiarise yourself with nearby facilities or know about other activities available in case someone asks. Finally, in case of an emergency, always carry a fully charged mobile phone and ensure that you know alternative routes. In the winter months it would also be beneficial to carry a charged torch.

  • Keep paper work up to date
    It's one of those things that no one likes to do but it is important that as a CWL, that all paperwork is kept up to date for your group and walkers. On the day of a walk please make sure that you arrive in good time with the appropriate paperwork for the day.

  • Know your Audience
    Community Walk Leader's must take into consideration the needs and capabilities of everyone within their walking group and tailor walks to suit these needs. Make sure you always act in a friendly and welcoming manner with a smile on your face as this will create a positive atmosphere and make group members feel at ease. Also, it is important that you encourage social activities after work to allow group members to build friendships and interact with other members within their community.

  • Be Confident
    Always trust your instincts. You have been trained to carry out these walks within your community so have the belief that you can do it. If at any point you ever need any support or help, the Walking In Your Community team is always there to answer any of your questions and give advice to ensure that your Walking In Your Community journey is a success!