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How to promote your WIYC group

 As a Community Walk Leader it will be your job to promote and advertise your Walking Group in order for it and the walking programme as a whole to be a success.

When starting to promote your Walking Group, a great idea is to speak to local groups and link up with various established organisations. For example a Church Group or Women's/Men's Groups within your Community. This is a fantastic way to make people aware of the programme and your walking group.

Never underestimate word of mouth. It will always be the best form of promotion so tell everyone; friends, family, work colleagues about your planned walks and encourage them to join you!

Walking In Your Community can provide you with poster and flyer templates to advertise your walks.  Simply put your walk details into a word file – date, time, meeting point and contact person – and put the templates through your printer.

A copy of these materials can be found on the Community Walk Leader Forum in the section titled Downloads.

Here are a few examples of where to put your posters to promote your walk

  • Notice boards
  • Community Centres
  • Shops and Supermarkets
  • Libraries
  • At Local Events
  • At Local groups, go along and advertise your walks
  • Email or go to local organisations and ask them to put up your poster
  • Local and community newsletters
  • Community Websites

If your walks are open to anyone, the details can also be added on the Walking In Your Community website to the 'Join a Group' section.