Set Up Group

Scope of the Scheme

It is critical that a CWL and their group operate within the boundaries of the scheme after successful completion of training. It is important for the enjoyment and safety of the group.



Group size is limited to a maximum of 16 participants with 1 CWL plus a designated assistant on all walks. The assistant will be a competent walker and may be a volunteer or staff member


Leader Requirements

All Community Walk Leaders must be aged 18 or over.

It is reccomended that all Community Walk Leaders (CWL) complete a valid first aid certificate. This is important for the safety of the walkers in the group as well as the confidence of the CWL. Walking In Your Community work in collaboration with the leading First Aid providers and signpost Community Walk Leaders to appropiate courses. 


Children & Vulnerable Adults

Vulnerable adults and children can participate in WIYC walks, subject to adhering to your organisation’s guidelines, Access NI checks and appropriate staffing ratios of leaders to participants.



The walk will typically last approximately 2 hours. Additional time (on top of this) can be taken for stopping for refreshments, taking pictures etc.



Weather conditions will be temperate and not extreme.


Lowland Terrain

All walks will be in lowland terrain. The definition of ‘lowland’ terrain for the purpose of the Walking In Your Community scheme is as follows:


All walk routes must:

• Have minimal hazards either natural or man-made

• Not have potential water hazards such as river crossings or where tide tables need to be taken into account

• Be on clearly defined paths, lanes and tracks in rural or urban areas

Section 2 - Scope of the Scheme

Recommended walks for the scheme include:

• Towpaths

• Parks and nature reserves

• Country lanes

• Open green spaces in urban areas

• Urban walking routes on footpaths

• Coastal paths and beaches (non-tidal)

• Sections of the Waymarked Ways



Upland terrain where the route is a clearly defined lane or a track and where the walk is strictly within the 2 hour recommendation is permitted under the WIYC scheme.


CWLs must take into account all of the elements above including time, weather, type of terrain, as well as the fitness, experience and ability of the group before deciding if a route is suitable.